Review: SAS Plus, Stockholm-Palma de Mallorca

SAS Plus breakfast, Stockholm to Palma de Mallorca

Flight: SK 1805
Departure time in Stockholm (ARN): 8:35
Arrival time in Palma de Mallorca (PMI): 12:10
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 3A
Duration: 3h 35m
Date of flight: March 14, 2017
*Revenue ticket, Business Class flight #130

Stockholm Arlanda Airport Terminal 5

Arlanda Airport Terminal 5 check-in desks

Duty Free shops

SAS Gold Lounge

An ad from Hästens inside the SAS Gold Lounge

SAS new A330 business class actually uses Hästens beddings so it was not a surprise to see this ad here.

Hästens display inside the SAS Gold Lounge, Arlanda Airport

Aircraft, Boeing 737-800 (Torolf Viking)

SAS' Torolf Viking flying us to Palma de Mallorca 😉

Boarding, Gate 13A

Boarding was scheduled at 8:15am which I thought was a bit tight for a departure time of 8:35am. Around 8:19am, an announcement was made and that boarding would start soon, beginning with passengers in SAS Plus, ie. those seating from rows 1-8. Finally, at 8:24am, boarding started. Unfortunately, we had to wait for a few more minutes in the passenger bridge before the line started to move.


Left side of the SAS Plus cabin

The cabin with a 3-3 configuration consisted of 45 seats from rows 1-8. (The left side of the cabin started from row 2). On this flight, the load was full which shows SAS is doing good on this route 😉

Seat, 3A

My seat 3A was a window

SAS Plus legroom

Foldable table and seat pocket

Inflight magazines and safety on board card

Around 8:53am, Mathias our captain came on the PA to give us some flight informations including our flight time of 3 hours and 10 minutes, and the current weather of 10 degrees. He also apologized for the delay due to the delay of catering. Around 8:55, boarding was completed and the safety demonstration was shown by the crew.

Parked to our left was a Norwegian aircraft

NextJet aircraft (they mostly fly domestic here in Sweden)

Take off went smoothly at 9:12am.


SAS The Menu

Those flying in economy class (SAS Go) can purchase food and drinks, and the menu read as follows:

Those traveling in business class (SAS Plus) get complimentary food and drinks, and the menu read as follows:

Around 9:30am, the flight attendants started offering hot towels.

Anti slip placemat

Ten minutes later, our meal was served in a box ...

... which consisted of salami with cheese and salad, yogurt, muesli, bread, butter and orange juice.

Since I don't drink orange juice, I had to ask for a glass of apple juice 😉

More bread and drinks were offered but I declined. It was followed by some coffee and tea.

Around 10am, we got an update from the captain who informed us that we would be landing in 2 hours and 10 minutes and that the weather in Mallorca is 16 degrees, which would eventually be at 20 degrees max 😉

Around 10:30am, an announcement was made that Duty Free shopping would start in 15 minutes.

Toilet & Lavatory

SAS Plus Boeing 737 lavatory

SAS Plus Boeing 737 toilet

Around 11:52am, the captain came on the PA to inform us that we would be landing in 25 minutes, and that the weather is 18 degrees.

View before landing

View before landing

Landing at Palma De Mallorca

We landed at Palma de Mallorca at 12:14pm and taxiid to our gate but had to turn back since our gate had been changed. Around 12:25pm, we reached our gate which was gate 64.

Welcome sign at Palma de Mallorca Airport

It was actually a long walk to reach the arrivals hall so be prepared for some walking 😉


I have flown in SAS Plus a few times in the past so I knew more or less what to expect from this flight. I thought the decision of SAS to remove the middle "free" seats thus making them regular economy seats was confusing. I had flown in SAS Go before where I had the two seats beside me free, at the same time I saw passengers in cramped SAS Plus seats so I was definitely in a much better condition than them on that flight 😉 Mike and I are both Star Alliance gold members so we also could access the lounge, make use of fast track and priority boarding even without flying in SAS Plus. The only reason Mike and I flew in this class aside from the reasonable price, was because I would get the needed miles for my Turkish Airlines upgrade to Elite Plus. True enough, after this flight, I got it 👍

On this flight, I thought the crew were friendly and engaging (as always) although I personally think the food was nothing special. The seats, as I've said were not really comfortable at all. Overall, it was still a nice flight and would gladly fly with them again (in SAS Plus) in the future if the price is reasonable.

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