Review: Asiana Airlines Boeing 747 First Class, Seoul-Los Angeles

Asiana Airlines Sicilian Lobster with Asparagus and Saffron Sauce

Originally posted: June 16, 2014

Flight: OZ 202
Date of flight: May 29, 2014
Departure time in Seoul (ICN): 16:30
Arrival time in Los Angeles (LAX): 11:30 (+1)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Seat: 2K
Duration: 11h
*This is an award travel, First Class flight #18


Asiana Airlines is one of my favorite airlines when it comes to flying in first class. I always get the same impeccable service and served excellent food whenever I fly with them and of course, I am a fan of their amenity kits containing Bulgari products as well as their very nice pajamas and slippers. As I am writing this blog, Asiana hasn't started yet flying their first Airbus A380 on this route (ICN-LAX) although it looks like they will be starting soon by the end of August. Well, I guess I am just one of those wishing to test their first class on the superjumbo in the future.

This review would concentrate mainly on the food and service. You can find more pictures of the cabin, seat, amenity kits, etc. on my previous trips here and here.

Seoul Free Transit Tour

Since I had more than enough time to connect to my flight to Los Angeles, I decided to take advantage of the free transit tour, booking the 2 hour Incheon Temple Tour on their website a few weeks before my trip.

Our first stop was the beautiful Heungryunsa Temple, founded in 1376 AD.

The second and last stop was the Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation. Needless to say, it was a very short tour but very interesting. So in case you will be having a lay over in Seoul, make sure to take advantage of the free transit tours ranging from 1 hour to 5 hours.

Check-in, desks L2-L4

Asiana Airlines first class check-in desks, Incheon Airport

Asiana Airlines First Class Lounge

I had about less than an hour to visit the first class lounge before boarding so I immediately headed to it after passing the security control, a review of which you can find here.

Boarding, gate 41

Boarding started on time in Gate 41.

Aircraft, Boeing 747-400

Asiana Airlines Boeing 747-400 bound for Los Angeles

Seat, 2K

Welcome to my seat, 2K! Already waiting for me were the Bulgari amenity kits and the slippers. The pajamas would be distributed later.

The cabin has a total of 10 seats in first class, 7 of which were occupied that day.

As for my predeparture beverage, I chose a glass of guava juice, which was served together with a plate of warm mixed nuts.


Potato cake with Mushroom timber, Fontal Sauce

The usual table setting with the cutlery and glasses on the right side, a rose and salt and pepper shakers in the middle and the bread plate, butter and olive oil on the left side 👍

And now my favorite: caviar service 😋

Sicilian style lobster with asparagus and saffron sauce 😋

Creamy chicken soup

Poached Squid, Citrus salad with Italian Dressing

Apple sherbet

Sous-Vide Mero with Balsamic Sauce, Pineapple and Mushroom

The other choices were:

Roasted Wagyu Hanging Tender Steak with Cream Pepper Sauce 
Deep fried Pork Loin with Chinese Spicy Sauce and Egg Fried Rice

Cheese: Blue, Mimolette, Brie

Dessert: Tropezienne with Blackberry Sauce

I really have to give credit to Asiana Airlines for the excellent food. Everything from the starters to the dessert tasted great. The fact the the service was very professional and everything was served the way it was meant to be (no rush) made it even better 👍

It was still early to have some sleep so I checked the films being shown. From the movie selection, I decided to watch the continuation of Hercules and a little of Red 2 which I thought was a nice film.

With seats that turn into a fully flat bed, I was able to get a good amount of sleep and about two hours before landing, breakfast was served.


Fresh fruits and a glass of guava juice to start the service.

Plain yogurt

Sausage potato and lentil

Lavatory & Toilet

 The lavatory was always kept clean, which means every time a passenger uses it, a flight attendant comes in and makes sure that it is ready for use by the next passenger. This is one of the many things I love about Asiana. The usual stuff were also offered like towels, cologne, facial mist and lotion.

View a few minutes before landing

Arrival at Los Angeles Airport

While taxiing, we passed by Korean Air's Airbus A380 😉

Welcome to Los Angeles!

We arrived at our gate (gate 152 Tom Bradley Terminal) about 15 minutes late so I was a bit worried since I had a connecting flight to Vancouver leaving from Terminal 2. I hurried my way to the immigration control and luckily, got called by the next available immigration officer. I had about 25 minutes before boarding so I didn't waste anytime and went straight to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Terminal 2.


So it was my fourth time flying on Asiana Airlines in first class and just like the first three flights, this was excellent with impeccable service, great food and really nice flight attendants willing to do anything to make your flight memorable 👍 I wished I was flying on their Airbus A380 though. Well, I guess that would be my next goal. To the flight attendants of Asiana Airlines on this flight, "Kamsahamnida!"

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