Review: Lufthansa A330 First Class, Astana to Frankfurt

Trip to Kazakhstan in Lufthansa First Class and Dubai to Stockholm in Qatar Airways Business Class

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Kazakhstan for the first time where I spent two nights in the capital city of Astana. I flew from Dubai to Astana via Frankfurt (and back) in Lufthansa First Class using my miles and needless to say, it was one of the best trips I've ever had. I had a separate ticket on Qatar Airways between Stockholm and Dubai where I flew in economy class on the outbound and business class on the inbound. My business class ticket on Qatar Airways from Dubai gave me the chance to visit their newly opened lounge which was really nice, as well as that of British Airways'. This whole trip lasted for a week and even though it was very extensive, I loved every single minute of it!

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Lufthansa A330 First Class cabin, Astana to Frankfurt

Flight: LH 649
Departure time in Astana: 4:50
Arrival time in Frankfurt: 7:00
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Seat: 1A
Duration: 6h 10m
Date of flight: September 12, 2016
*This is an award travel, First Class flight #38

Astana International Airport

I arrived at Astana International Airport around 4pm (one day before my flight) where I had planned to stay at the Astana Airport Transit Hotel, and which actually went well. I was curious why the code for Astana Airport is TSE so after a little researching, I found out that the city was formerly named Tselinograd, thus the 3 letter code.

On the day of departure, I left the airport hotel around 3am where it took a few minutes for me to reach the terminal.

Astana International Airport

Astana International Airport

Check-in, desk A12

After clearing the first security check (located at the entrance of the terminal), I headed to the check in desk for premium and status passengers which was A12.

Lufthansa check in desks, Astana Airport

I was helped by a friendly female agent who did the check in process very efficiently and within a few minutes, she was handing me my boarding pass to Frankfurt as well as to Dubai, as she wished me a happy trip. It is interesting to note that there is no lounge for Lufthansa first class passengers departing from Astana. The flight actually originates from Almaty where passengers have lounge access there, and then makes a short stop here in Astana before continuing on to Frankfurt. I've previously checked the Astana Airport website and found out they have VIP services for a fee which includes access to their lounge. It was more or less the same price I paid for the airport hotel which I think is a lot better since I was able to sleep for a few hours.

Astana International Airport

Astana International Airport


Lufthansa's Airbus A330-300 named "Siegen" bound for Frankfurt.

This was actually the same aircraft I flew with on the way to Astana two days ago, and consequently the same crew so I was really looking forward to this flight.

Boarding, gate 3

Boarding started at 4:10am in gate 3 with premium passengers and those with status getting priority boarding.


Lufthansa Airbus A330 first class cabin

As I boarded, I was welcomed by one of the flight attendants working in the business class cabin who then handed me over to Andrea, Oliver and Ms. Claudia in the first class cabin. I felt like I was home the minute I stepped into the cabin since the crew was super nice and really took care of me well during my last flight with them. We were only two passengers in the first class cabin (both of us departing from Astana) so the service was again superb.

Seat, 1A

My seat, 1A was the same seat I had two days ago so I really felt very comfortable. Moments after settling in to my seat, I was offered pre-departure beverage and got the usual apple juice from Oliver. He also offered a glass of champagne but I declined.

A glass of apple juice served with some mixed nuts.

View from my seat.

As usual, the First Class bar was set up before departure.

I was also offered the first class amenity kit which was the same one I got on my inbound flight so I asked Oliver if I could have the female version instead to add to my collection. Moments later, he was back with my "request" and even showed me some business class kits which he thought I might be interested of. Of course, I did not hesitate and asked if I could have the blue one although he gave me the other one as well in brown color. Thanks so much Oliver 🙇

Lufthansa business class amenity kit

At 4:30am, boarding was completed. The captain came on the PA to welcome us and a little later, Ms. Claudia also came on the PA and gave some flight informations, among others our flight time which was supposed to be 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Parked next to us was a KLM plane bound for Amsterdam so I thought I'd take a picture of it since not so many airlines are actually flying to Astana.

By this time, the safety video started to play and we had our pushback around 4:30am.

Airshow enroute to Frankfurt Airport

Take off went smoothly and moments later we were airborne. Ms. Claudia came on the PA again to inform us of the meal service and around 5:15, Oliver started setting up the bar. I decided I'd change into pyjamas so I could go to sleep after the meal service since I was not able to sleep well the night before. Returning to my seat, I was offered something to drink and ordered apple juice which Oliver had already anticipated. I was also informed by Andrea that they would be serving breakfast about 50 minutes before landing.

From the movie selection, I decided to watch the continuation of X-Men: Apocalypse which I thought was a good film.


Table set up, apple juice and hot towel

Lufthansa first class meal service

I was also offered some bread including some garlic bread.

Unfortunately (again), I had to fix the salt and pepper shaker so that the Lufthansa logo was facing me. Also, I had to compare that some airlines like ANA, Singapore Air and Asiana would open the table napkin for you but not here.

Although no menu card was offered, I was told it was the usual caviar and main course thing which is more than enough. From the Lufthansa website, the menu read as follows:

Snack menu

Breakfast menu

The first class champagne was the Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle.

Oliver also offered to make my bed on the seat behind me which was a very nice gesture.

Maybe it was a bit too early to have caviar but I guess there's no wrong time to enjoy this treat 😋

After that, I also had the Cheese Stuffed Chicken which was excellent. By this time, I was already full and had to skip the cheese and the dessert.

Lastly, I was offered some chocolates.

A bottle of mineral water was already at my seat so there was no need of offering it.

My bed at seat 2A which Oliver had prepared earlier.

Needless to say, I slept very well and with about 1 hour and 5 minutes left before landing, Andrea came to wake me up (as per my request) for the breakfast service. I went to the lavatory to change to my clothes and back to my seat, I was offered a hot towel and apple juice.

Hot towel

Apple juice

Lufthansa first class table set up

I thought I'd skip all the other breakfast items and go straight for the scrambled eggs with bacon as the smell of the bacon from the galley was very tempting. I was also offered some bread. Andrea offered me some yogurt and cereals while I was waiting for my main course to be served but I declined.

Scrambled eggs with bacon and chives 😋

The scrambled eggs with bacon was delicious and to end my meal, I ordered a cup of green tea which is my favorite tea.

Around 5:50am, the captain came on the PA and advised us that we would be landing in 30 minutes. I had a small chat with Andrea and found out that she has been working for Lufthansa for 23 years now which is fantastic. That explains why she loves her job and I have to say that she is definitely a treasure for Lufthansa. Ms. Claudia once again came to my seat to thank me for flying with them. We landed at Frankfurt Main Airport around 6:18am although it took us some time before we reached the gate, around 6:30. As usual, I was one of the first passengers to disembark and headed directly to the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Concourse B.


Again, another great flight on Lufthansa in first class! The crew were just fantastic and I really felt like home with them. Everything went with ease with the service as they remembered I prefer still water and apple juice for my drinks. The meal service was efficient and just the right pace I wanted it to be. Oliver offering to make my bed at seat 2A was indeed a very nice gesture. The seat was perfect, the movie selection was extensive and the food was delicious. Although I still wished they would make sure the Lufthansa logo would face the passenger and that they would open the table napkin for me, I guess that's just the way Lufthansa wants it. It only shows different airlines have different priorities when it comes to first class service. Overall, I enjoyed my flight with Lufthansa and would not hesitate to fly with them again in first class. To Ms. Claudia, Andrea and Oliver, "Danke Schön!"

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