Top Attractions in Israel and Palestine

First visit: April 2016
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Traveling to Israel and Palestine with a sidetrip to Petra, Jordan

A few weeks ago, I traveled again with the Singelresor group after our trip to New Zealand and this time, we went to Israel and Palestine making a side trip to Petra, Jordan. With all the negative things being written about the safety of traveling to these countries, we actually did not experience anything that could be considered unsafe. Nevertheless, it is always advisable not to go to where the "conflict" is. The highlight of this trip for me was definitely being able to visit Petra and Jerusalem. We flew with Turkish Airlines in economy class so I did not write any flight reviews.

Photo Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge, Ataturk Airport (IST)
Top Attractions in Jordan
Top Attractions in Israel and Palestine
Photo Review: DAN Lounge Concourse C, Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Intl. Airport (TLV)
Review: Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Selfie with the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

So here it is, my top attractions in Israel and Palestine! This is actually the first time I am including two countries in one post and this is because it is difficult to say which one belongs to which country. Needless to say, I wish all the best for these two countries. So without further ado, here are some travel tips when visiting Israel and Palestine.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre: Inside the church, you will see the two most religious sites in Christendom: the Calvary or Golgotha where Jesus was crucified and Jesus's empty tomb.

This is a short video I took during our visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Wailing Wall: This is no doubt the most sacred structure of the Jewish people.

Dome of the Rock: Initially completed in 691 CE, this is the third holiest site for the Muslims after Mecca and Medina. A few years back, non-Muslims could still go inside the mosque.

Bahai Gardens: Also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, this is simply not to be missed.

Stella Maris Monastery: This is also known as the Cave of Elijah

Basilica of the Annunciation: Inside the basilica, you will find part of the original house of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Greek Orthodox Church of Cana: This is where Jesus performed his first miracle, the miracle of the wine.

Church of the Transfiguration on Mount Tibor: This is the site where Jesus is transfigured upon an unnamed mountain and speaks with Moses and Elijah.

The Church of the Beatitudes: This is the site where Jesus made his first sermon.

Taking a boat tour in the Sea of Galilee: Aside from being the lowest freshwater lake on Earth, this is the sea where Jesus walked on the water.

Church of the Multiplication

Church of the Primacy of Peter

Yardenit, The Baptismal site on the Jordan River

A short video I took during our visit to Yardenit, the site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

The sycamore-fig tree in Jericho: This is the offshoot of the sycamore-fig tree in Jericho (the oldest city in the world) that Zacchaeus climbed in order to see Jesus.

Mount of Temptation: This is where Jesus did his fasting and was tempted by the devil.

Visitation Church: This is the site where Mary visited Elizabeth.

Mount of Olives: This is the site where Jesus taught His disciples the prayer, Our Father.

Church of All Nations or Church of the Agony: On the picture is the bedrock where Jesus is believed to have prayed.

Garden of Gethsamane: The olive oil from these olive trees goes to the Vatican and which the Pope uses for anointing.

Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion

The Last Supper Room

King David's Tomb

Visiting a Holocaust Museum

Church St. Peter's in Gallicantu: This church was built to commemorate Peter's triple rejection of Jesus.

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem: This marks the traditional place of Christ's birth.

Visiting Bethlehem Market: From the Church of the Nativity, this is just a few minutes walk.

The Church of St. Anne: The church marks the traditional site of the birthplace of the Virgin Mary.

Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem: This is the street or path which Jesus followed carrying His cross.

Tower of David Museum

Dead Sea: You can either visit the Israel side or the Jordan side although it doesn't really matter because you won't sink as it is almost 35% salt. It is the lowest lake in the world with an elevation of 427 meters below sea level.

Aqueduct of Caesarea

Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Beach

Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv

Enjoying Saint Peter's Fish or Tilapia

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