Top Attractions in Finland

Monument of Aleksis Kivi, Finland's national writer

First visit: June 2000
My Country #2

Last July, I was finally able to visit Helsinki for the second time. Helsinki has a special place in my heart since it was the first European city I have ever visited. Here are some of my travel tips in case you are planning to visit this beautiful Finnish capital.

Helsinki Cathedral: An iconic landmark of Helsinki, this Evangelic Lutheran Cathedral was completed in 1852 and was originally built in honor of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia.

Finnish National Theater: This theater founded in 1872, is the oldest Finnish-language professional theater in Finland. I was not able to go inside but from the pictures on their website, this theater looks beautiful.

Helsinki Central Railway Station: I thought the architecture was very distinct. From this station, you can take trains to all over Finland and Russia.

Finnish National Opera: There are about 300 performances being held here each year which is really impressive.

National Museum of Finland: Entrance fee is about 7-9 Euros which I think is a good price so if you love Finnish history, don't miss it.

Kiasma Theater: The name derives from "Chiasm" which means an intersection of two tracts in the form of the letter X. If you love contemporary art, then this is a must visit for you. Otherwise, you can always admire the beautiful architecture from the outside.

Helsinki Music Center: Opened in 2011, this concert hall and music center is home to Sibelius Academy and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra among others.

Uspenski Cathedral: This is the largest orthodox church in Western Europe

Helsinki Senate Square: This square is very popular for tourists during summer as you have the Helsinki Cathedral on the northern side and the Council of State on the eastern side (on the photo) which houses the Prime Ministers office and the cabinet.

Töölö Sports Hall: During my visit, Helsinki was host to the 15th World Gymnaestrada so I was able to see lots of participants from all over the world stretch their muscles even in the streets. Otherwise, the halls purpose is mainly for training and competition in various sports.

 Trams in Helsinki