Review: Finnair Business Class, Stockholm-Helsinki

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Flight: AY 634
Departure time in Stockholm (ARN): 13:00
Arrival time in Helsinki (HEL): 15:00
Equipment: Airbus A319
Flight duration: 1h
Date of flight: March 21, 2015
Seat: 1A
*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #73

Airbus A319 bound for Helsinki

I arrived at Arlanda Airport Terminal 2 about three hours before departure and went straight to the business class check in desk to have my boarding pass issued.

Check in process went smoothly and in a few minutes, I was on my way to the security control and then to the Aurora Executive Lounge, a really nice lounge with Scandinavian touch.

The buffet selection was pretty good offering roast beef, pasta, salad, etc.

Boarding was supposed to start at 12:25 at gate 65 but just about that time, an announcement was made that boarding would start in 5 minutes instead. The agent also informed that the flight is full and asked if there was anyone willing to take a later flight that would arrive around 7:30pm in Helsinki in exchange of 250 euros. In a few minutes, they were able to find a volunteer which was good.

As soon as eveyrthing was okay, boarding started and I was one of the first passengers on board.

As a norm to European business class, the middle seat is left vacant which is always good. All 14 seats in the cabin were occupied as expected.

As soon as I was seated, newspapers were offered and I asked for Internatinal New York Times where I read more of the Solar Eclipse that took place the day before. I was not able to personally witness the eclipse but as most have said, they were disappointed because the weather was not that good. A little later, one of the flight attendants came on the PA and welcomed us on board and informed us that it is safe to use mobiles in flightmode from gate to landing.

For an hour long flight, a snack was served which was a Flamstekt Lax Tunnbröd Sandwich, which tasted good. The flight went smoothly and we arrived in time in Helsinki.


Overall, it was a very nice flight. The cabin attendants were friendly and did a good job in serving a cabin full of 14 passengers. The snack served was also good. By the time I am writing this, Finnair have just announced that they will be having their European familiarization flights in October for their new Airbus 350, where Stockholm was one of the routes chosen. Now, if only I could get on that fam flight. To the crew on this flight, kiitos!