Review: Avianca Taca American Express, Juan Santa Maria (SJO)

Location: International Terminal 3rd floor, beside the Santa Maria VIP lounge
Opening hours: 5am to 8pm

Lounge seating area

TV monitors

Lounge seating area

Nice view of tarmac, Avianca and AA aircrafts

Buffet area

Drinks selection (the alcoholic drinks seem to be complimentary here)


I actually did not have access to this lounge as it was only for American Express card holders as well as Avianca Diamond card holders. Fortunately, the receptionist saw my eagerness and told me I could go in and take some pictures. Cool! It was a pretty small lounge but considering that not too many have access to this lounge, I thought the size was okay. Overall, a nice lounge. PS. Special thanks to the receptionist of the Santa Maria VIP Lounge who allowed me to take pictures of this lounge.