Hi there, my name is Arthur and I am The Filipino Traveler 😊

My frequent flying started back in 2008, and although it was always in economy class, I was quite happy with it 😉 Fast forward to 2012, while searching for business class flights on the internet, I came across Flyertalk, the world´s most popular website for frequent fliers and hotel loyalty programs. I was surprised to discover that a lot of people are flying in business class and first class for much less. Since then, I´d been an avid reader and with the help of fellow members, I too was able to enjoy champagne and caviar while flying in first class 🍸

Using invaluable tips and tricks from other flyertalkers, I became a jetsetter in no time and eventually decided to write reviews of my flights in premium class, airport lounges and hotels. Through these reviews, I hope to help discerning travelers in choosing the better airline (and hotel). As they say, not all business class are equal 😉 From My Visited Countries section, I give tips on the top attractions to visit and hope to inspire people to travel more and see for themselves how beautiful this world is. As my own saying goes, "Traveling is like reading your history and geography books .... only a thousand times better". Last but not the least, I am writing this blog for myself ... so I can have the "Perfect Travel Diary" to read and enjoy when I get old 😊

At present, I have top tier status with Star Alliance and OneWorld, as well as with Hilton´s loyalty program.

As of March 2019, I have visited a total of 73 countries, flown 188 times in business class and 49 times in first class ✈✈

(Last updated: March 2019)