Hi, my name is Arthur and welcome to my blog!

I love traveling, no doubt about it. So when I have free time (which happens quite often), I try to visit new places. And because of my part time work in a travel agency, I would say I´ve traveled to more countries than most of the Filipinos I know. Combine it with the tips and tricks I´m learning on how to fly in premium class inexpensively, then you have "The Filipino Traveler".

Some people think that it costs a lot to travel but the truth is traveling doesn´t have to expensive. I only work part time (as a nursing assistant/flight reservations agent) with basic salary so I earn much less than most of my friends do. And yet, I can stay in luxurious hotels and fly in business class if I want to. My secret is booking my flights and hotels in advance. I also take advantage of promotions and I´m often on the lookout for "really cheap fares". Being a member of a frequent flyer program is a must, so you can redeem your earned miles later on for some free flights.

Traveling is fun. It lets us experience things which we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Traveling is also knowledge. It allows us to learn more about our history and appreciate the marvelous creations made long before we were born. So let´s travel often, and if we can reach our destination flying in business class inexpensively, that´s even better 😉

As of November 2019, I have visited a total of 75 countries, flown 206 times in business class and 51 times in first class ✈✈

(Last updated: November 9, 2019)