Hi there! My name is Arthur and welcome to my travel blog!

So how did I become The Filipino Traveler? In 2010, I started working part-time at Singelresor as a flight reservations agent where I had also been working as a tour leader since 2008. Together with Singelresor groups, I was able to visit numerous countries including India, Peru, Cuba and Mexico. But then again, I was only flying in economy class so there was nothing special about it. In late 2012, I came across Flyertalk where I learned how to fly in premium class inexpensively. It was all I needed to become a special kind of traveler and since then, I´ve been exploring the world in style ... the way The Filipino Traveler should 🍹✈

Since 2015, I´ve been traveling less with Singelresor and more on my own, visiting countries like Romania, Kazakhstan and Egypt among others, all by myself. I learned more tips from Flyertalk as years went by and as a result, I was able to attain Turkish Airlines Elite Plus status and Hilton Hotel Diamond status.

Through my flight and hotel reviews, I hope to help discerning travelers in choosing the better airline and hotel. From "My Visited Countries" section, I give tips on the top attractions to visit and hope to inspire people to travel more and see for themselves how beautiful this world is. As my own saying goes, "Traveling is like reading your history and geography books .... only a thousand times better". Last but not the least, I am writing this blog for myself ... so I can have the "Perfect Travel Diary" to read and enjoy when I get old 😊

As of May 2019, I have visited a total of 73 countries, flown 193 times in business class and 49 times in first class ✈✈

(Last updated: July 17, 2019)