Photo Review: Turkish Airlines A321 NEO Business Class, Istanbul-Stockholm


Turkish Airlines A321 NEO business class, Istanbul to Stockholm

Flight: TK1795
Departure time in Istanbul (IST): 15:20 (actual 16:45)
Arrival time in Stockholm (ARN): 17:10 (actual 18:06)
Aircraft: Airbus A321 Neo (TC-LTH)
Seat: 3A
Duration: 3h 21m
Date of flight: February 6, 2023
*This is a revenue ticket upgraded using Elite Plus voucher, Business Class flight #239

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Istanbul International Airport

Entrance number 5 is dedicated to business class passengers and those with Turkish Airlines Elite Plus and Elite status.

Dedicated entrance number 5

Dedicated entrance number 5


Check-in desks

Seating area

Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge

It was nice visiting this lounge again 😉

With plenty of time before boarding, I was able to try the Hezarfen Flight Experience for the first time and really had fun. I highly recommend it to all 👍

After 1pm, we noticed that our flight was delayed for 25 minutes, as shown on the flight departure screen.

Aircraft, Airbus A321 NEO

The Airbus A321 NEO just arrived from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Boarding, Gate B12A

Boarding started at 3:30pm beginning with those needing assistance, and then followed by business class passengers and those with status.

Business Class Cabin

The cabin consisted of 20 seats from rows 1 to 5 in a 2-2 configuration.

Seat map

Seat 3A

My seat 3A 😉

Personal screen

Seat pocket

Seat controls

Power ports, headphone socket

IFE controller

Foldable tray table

A small privacy divider

Business class headphones

Movies, TV Programs, etc.

From the movie selection, I ended up watching NOPE which I thought was a nice film.

Mood lighting

Pre-Departure Beverage

I had the raspberry juice while Mike had the Limonata.

Safety Video

Inflight safety video


It was cold and windy in Istanbul the other day and many flights were actually cancelled because of this. Although the flight to Oslo and Helsinki were cancelled, our flight to Stockholm was not affected.



Beverage list

Appetizer and dessert

Mike had the beef which according to him was very good.

I settled for the grilled sea bass which was very good but unfortunately, the vegetables were raw 👎

Relaxing tea and a pack of hazelnuts



Airshow enroute to Stockholm

Landing in Stockholm

We landed in Stockholm almost an hour behind schedule.