Visiting the Christmas Markets in Vienna

The Christmas Market near the City Hall

There´s nothing more enjoyable during Christmas season than visiting different Christmas markets when you are traveling. And in the city of Vienna, these markets abound as there are no less than twenty Christmas Markets here, one more beautiful than the other. I was in Vienna last month and became witness to how people enjoyed their time drinking a cup of steaming punch and eating donuts, waffles, etc. while others do their typical shopping. In case you are traveling to Vienna during this yuletide season, here are some of the markets I recommend visiting.

1. City Hall Christmas Market

This is one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets I´ve seen. This is also the largest one in Vienna.

2. St. Stephen´s Cathedral Christmas Market

The view of the cathedral beside the Christmas market is simply heavenly 😍

3. Hofburg Christmas Market

I would say that the palace became even more beautiful with the Christmas market around 🎄🎅

4. Altwiener Christkindlmarkt

5. Christmas Market am Hof

6. Museum Quartier Christmas Market

7. Karlskirche Christmas Market

There was some restoration going on inside the church, otherwise it would have been nice to see the inside of this baroque style church.