Retro Review: Emirates A380 First Class, Bangkok-Hong Kong

Emirates A380-800 first class shower spa

Flight: EK384
Departure time in Bangkok (BKK): 13:45
Arrival time in Hong Kong (HKG): 17:35
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Seat: 2K
Duration: 2h 50m
Date of flight: September 6, 2013
*Revenue ticket, First Class flight #5

Flying with Emirates in first class from Stockholm to Bangkok via Dubai allowed me to appreciate the real  beauty of their private suites. But since the aircraft I flew with were Boeing 777s and not an Airbus 380, I missed the most essential part of flying in first class: the Shower Spa. I knew from the time I booked this flight that at least the Bangkok to Hong Kong segment would be operated by an Airbus 380, so you could just imagine my excitement that day 😉

Complimentary Limousine Service

The day started with a complimentary limousine service from the hotel to the airport. Emirates has entrusted Limousine Express for this service and that day, a very nice lady named Tumu was the one who drove me back to the airport.


Check in counters are divided into three sections: first class and platinum members; business class and gold/silver members; and economy passengers. The line for first class passengers was empty when I came and all went smoothly.

My boarding pass together with my passport and the premium lane card.

The Emirates Lounge

It was my first time to visit an Emirates Lounge outside Dubai and it actually went very well.

Aircraft, Airbus A380-800

The lovely Airbus 380-800. Couldn't wait to be onboard 😉

Boarding, Gate E8

Boarding on Gate E8 was 30 minutes delayed due to late arrival of the aircraft from Dubai.

First Class Cabin

The first class cabin has a total of 14 seats with a 1-2-1 configuration. Since the flight originated from Dubai, there were already 6 passengers on board. Adding the two of us hopping in at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, we were all in all 8 passengers bound for Hong Kong that day.

Suite 2K

Welcome to my suite 2K 😍

Personal screen

The welcome drink: a glass of Moet & Chandon NV Brut Imperial 👍

Bateel dates: the finest dates on board only for first class passengers.

And of course, the Arabic coffee being offered by Kiki, the lovely flight attendant from Thailand who took care of me throughout the flight.

Social Area

I did not hesitate posing for a picture at the social area for first class customers, together with the purser, Monique.

Business Class Cabin

On the way to the First Class and Business Class onboard lounge, I had to pass by part of the business class cabin as it is located in the business class cabin so I decided to take some pictures along the way. The cabin looks very nice with the seats turning into fully flat beds when in full recline.

The Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge

Video from my YouTube Channel 📺

Why can't all airlines offer this kind of service 😍

Wifi Connectivity

I have read on their website that most of the A380's offer wifi on board, but apparently, it depends upon the route. Kiki told me that they are not available on Asian routes but rather on European, Australian and US routes.

Bulgari Amenity Kit

The first class amenity kit consisted of a leather bag which had a Bulgari set (hand lotion, perfume and moisturizer), shaving kit, dental kit, deodorant, comb and tissue.


Appetizer: Delicately flavoured smoked trout and salmon with Chinese five pepper spice, served with crisp apple and celery salad

Smoked Trout and salmon with five pepper 😋

The other choice for the appetizer was "Lemongrass chicken".

Main Course: Braised lamb in rosemary jus, tender pieces of slow cooked lamb dressed with aromatic Rosemary jus, served with sauteed courgette, roast pumpkin and creamy gratin potato

The other choices for the main course were: "Chicken rogan josh", "Stir-fried three flavour prawns" and "Spiral pasta with fresh tomato".

After having my main course, I decided to skip the desserts and the coffee because I had something more special waiting for me. You guessed it right! The Shower Spa had been prepared by the flight attendant and I was about to take my "Shower in the Sky".

The Emirates Shower Spa on the Airbus 380

Shower Spa, Right Side of the Cabin

Welcome to the "Shower Spa" 😍

The shower spa offered towels and Bulgari perfumes among others 😉

The classic walnut and marble design 👍

The Timeless Spa shower kits

Each guest is allotted 5 minutes of water. Just as I was leaving the shower cabin, I looked at the timer and realized I could have indulged into this extraordinary experience much, much longer. Well, I guess there will be another chance.

Shower Spa, Left Side of the Cabin

The bigger of the two onboard shower spas, located on the left side of the aircraft.

Arrival in Hong Kong

After less than 3 hours of flying, we landed safely at the Hong Kong International Airport, where I was bound to take PAL's evening flight to Manila.


Needless to say, having "shower in the sky" is definitely the best part of flying in first class with Emirates. Of course, the rest was also exceptional. The food tasted excellent. The lamb was no doubt the best meal I have ever tasted aboard an aircraft. The service was once again impeccable, very professional and yet friendly. The private suites are unparalleled. I really wished the flight was longer. And the fact that Emirates is the only airline who has an onboard shower spa, I truly believe that this flight deserves a perfect score of 10! Once again, Shukran Emirates 😍