Exploring Sofia

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

First visit: November 2018
My Country #71

Last week, I had a chance to visit Sofia for the first time staying for a couple of nights. It must be one of the easiest cities to explore on foot as I actually did not need to take a bus or metro as the top attractions are very close to each other. In case you are planning a trip to this Bulgarian capital, here are some of my travel tips.

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Alexander Nevski Cathedral: I consider this as the top attraction in Sofia, reminding pretty much of the architecture of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Taking pictures inside the cathedral costs 10 Lev.

Saint Sophia Basilica

National Art Gallery: This used to be a royal palace and it´s highly recommended. Ticket costs 6 Lev. In the same building is the Ethnographic museum although I did not visit it.

Square 500 National Gallery: This is a huge museum so make sure you plan accordingly to visit all the exhibitions. Ticket costs 10 Lev.

Ivan Vazov National Theater

Russian Church St. Nikolay: This picture was actually the back side of the church.

Archaeological Museum

Rotunda of Saint George: It was a bit hard to find although it is actually just behind the Sofia Hotel Balkan.

St. Nedelya Church

National Assembly Building

Ancient Serdika Complex

National Palace of Culture

Saint Sophia Monument

Lions Bridge

National Opera

Vassil Levski Monument

Cathedral of St. Joseph: (unfortunately, it was closed during my visit)

Banya Bashi Mosque

Sophia Synagogue

Museum of Contemporary Art

Palace of Justice

Sofia University

National Library

Taking the trains/metro

Enjoying the local food like this tasty Banitsa 😋