Photo Review: SAS Plus Malaga-Stockholm

SAS Plus, Malaga to Stockholm

Flight: SK 1584
Departure time in Malaga (AGP): 11:50
Arrival time in Stockholm (ARN): 16:10
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Seat: 4F
Duration: 4h 20min
Date of flight: February 21, 2018
*Revenue Ticket, Business Class flight #150

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Check-in, Desk 355

SAS Check-in desks, Malaga Airport

(No) Fast Track

List of airlines offering fast track service

Malaga Airport, Costa Del Sol

Aircraft, Airbus A320Neo

Boarding, Gate D66


SAS Plus cabin

SAS Plus cabin

SAS Plus cabin

Seat 4F

Seat 4F

Magazine rack

Seat pocket

USB port

Coat hook

Tray table

Air vents, reading lamps

Inflight magazines, Duty Free Catalogue, waste bag

Planes while taxiing

Planes while taxiing 👍

View After Take Off

View after take off

View after take off


SAS Plus meal

Pastrami and Chicken Salad

Apple juice

SAS Pralines 😋

Snacks (Marabou chocolate)

View on approach

View on approach