Review: SAS Plus, Palma de Mallorca-Stockholm

SAS logo, SAS A320 neo from Palma de Mallorca to Stockholm

Flight: SK 1806
Departure time in Palma de Mallorca (PMI): 10:40 
Arrival time in Stockholm (ARN): 14:25
Aircraft: Airbus A320 neo "Sol Viking"
Seat: 1E
Duration: 3h 45m
Date of flight: March 16, 2017
*Revenue ticket, Business Class flight #131

Palma de Mallorca Airport

We arrived at Palma de Mallorca Airport quite early (around 8:30am for our 10:40am flight) since I wanted to take pictures of the lounge.

Check-in, Desk 119

SAS was using check-in desks 118 and 119 for their premium passengers although it took awhile before we were helped as there was a group ahead of us.

Fast Track

SAS Plus passengers have access to Fast Lane although after the boarding passes have been checked, there's only one security check for both economy and premium passengers so there was no fast lane in reality 👎

Duty Free shop, Palma de Mallorca Airport

Lounge signage

Sala VIP Valdemossa

It took awhile before we could find the lounge and when we finally did, we were informed by the lounge receptionist that SAS had stopped using this lounge two months ago and that SAS Plus passengers have no lounge to use since then. I then remembered about an article I read a few months ago where SAS stated they would remove lounge access to their premium passengers, except for those airports where they have their own lounge. Unfortunately, Palma de Mallorca Airport is not one of them 👎

Aircraft, Airbus A320 neo "Sol Viking"

SAS' Airbus A320 neo "Sol Viking" which was delivered in October 2016

Boarding, Gate C44

Boarding was scheduled at 9:55am although it did not start until 10:14am and when it did start, everybody just came rushing to the gate, with no announcement of priority boarding 👎


The SAS Plus cabin consisted of rows 1 to 10 with a 3-3 configuration, thus a total of 60 seats.

Seat, 1E

SAS' A320 neo seat with Recaro design 😉


Coat hook

Air vents, reading lamp

Mood lighting

SAS inflight magazines and safety on board card (A320)

Everything looked new and fresh so kudos to SAS for this lovely A320 neo 👍

Around 10:37am, the captain came on the PA to welcome us on board and to advise us of our flight time of 3 hours and 30 minutes. Although boarding was completed fairly early, we had to wait for some paper works to be done, thus causing us more delay.

Some of the airlines flying to Palma de Mallorca Airport

Moments later, the safety demonstration started.

We began our pushback at 10:50am and take off was 12 minutes later.

View after take off

Minutes after the seatbelt sign was off, the flight attendants gave blankets and pillows to those who requested them, but did not offer willingly.

Around 11:27am, the captain came on the PA again to give us updated flight informations including our arrival time of 2:25pm which is 10 minutes delayed due to strong winds.


Moments later, hot towels were offered.

Foldable tray table

SAS Plus menu card

The whole meal was served in a box as is the norm in SAS Plus

Brisket of Beef, Root Vegetables, Sauerkraut and Horseradish Cream

A glass of apple juice and water

A cup of tea to end the meal

Around 12:54pm, an announcement was made that duty free shopping would start soon.

Toilet & Lavatory

SAS Plus A320 lavatory

SAS Plus A320 toilet

SAS Plus A320 lavatory

Not really sure how it would go if all 60 passengers in SAS Plus would use the only toilet all at the same time 😉

Around 2:17pm, the captain was back on the PA and informed us that we would be landing in 10 to 15 minutes, and that the current weather in Stockholm is 7 degrees.

Landing at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

We landed smoothly at Arlanda Airport at 2:31pm, 6 minutes behind schedule. We parked beside a Luxair aircraft which I've seen for the first time 😉

From belt 5, Mike's luggage was among the first ones to arrive.


SAS Plus on this flight being flown by their new A320 neo was a big plus since the aircraft was very new and the seats were much more comfortable than on their old planes. The service was okay although I wish they had proactively offered all the passengers the pillows and blankets. The meal was also okay for Scandinavian standards. Unfortunately, the benefits of booking a SAS Plus ticket were almost gone: no fast track, no lounge access and no priority boarding. The only two things that were delivered: the complimentary meal/drinks and priority baggage delivery. Overall, it was still a nice flight (specially for the price we paid) although I wish SAS would make sure that SAS Plus benefits are being delivered since those benefits are the things that differentiate one class from the other.

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