Review: Astana Airport Transit Hotel

Astana Airport Transit Hotel

Trip to Kazakhstan in Lufthansa First Class and Dubai to Stockholm in Qatar Airways Business Class

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Kazakhstan for the first time where I spent two nights in the capital city of Astana. I flew from Dubai to Astana via Frankfurt (and back) in Lufthansa First Class using my miles and needless to say, it was one of the best trips I've ever had. I had a separate ticket on Qatar Airways between Stockholm and Dubai where I flew in economy class on the outbound and business class on the inbound. My business class ticket on Qatar Airways from Dubai gave me the chance to visit their newly opened lounge which was really nice, as well as that of British Airways'. This whole trip lasted for a week and even though it was very extensive, I loved every single minute of it!

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Astana Airport Transit Hotel

Date of stay: September 11-12, 2016
Address: The Airport Hotel is located to the right of the main terminal
Nightly Rate: 14,400 Tenge
How to get here: The hotel is a few minutes walk from the main terminal.

Signage to the hotel

Airport Hotel entrance

Room types/rates

Room 2

Astana Airport Transit Hotel double room

Couch and coffee table

Flat screen TV

Wifi is complimentary but only for those with Kazakh mobile numbers.


Inside the wardrobe are bathrobe and slippers.

Mini ref

Bathroom with shampoo and shower gel.




From my room, there's a fantastic view of the runway.

Hotel Lobby

Astana Airport Transit Hotel lobby

World clock

Vending machines


Since my flight from Astana was scheduled to depart at 4:50am, I decided I'd book an airport hotel and ended up with the only airport hotel, Astana Airport Transit Hotel. This hotel has 16 rooms where the Suite costs 18,800 Tenge while the Junior Suite and Double Room cost 14,400 Tenge. I thought the price was actually reasonable since it basically offered everything you'd expect from a 3 star airport hotel. I did have difficulty finding it though since there was a sign in the corner of the Terminal where you would turn left but there was no further sign, not even outside the hotel doors. It is actually in the same building as the terminal so remember that in case you'd book this hotel in the future. The receptionist was friendly and after asking for my document, check in was done after a few minutes. She asked for my departure time for which I did not ask for a wake up call. She also tried to help me connect to the free wifi (even with the language barrier) although we found out in the end that wifi is only complimentary for those having Kazakh mobile number as you would get the code in your mobile phone and then enter it for access. There are vending machines in the lobby as well as a TV screen. In case you would be needing to take a dinner, the best option is to go back to the main terminal where you'd find a few restaurants. Lastly, you get excellent views of the runway from your room which is always a delight to all avgeeks 😍 Overall, this is a nice airport hotel where you could spend a night before an early flight from Astana.

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