Top Attractions in Krakow, Poland

Main Market Square, Krakow

First visit: April 2016
Photography by Arthur Jeciel

Last month, I was able to visit Krakow for the first time together with Mike. We stayed there for 5 nights and was able to explore the old town including the Wawel Royal Castle and the Jewish Quarter among others. Then, we made two day tours: first was to the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the next was to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Incase you are planning to travel to Krakow, here are some of my traveltips.

Wawel Royal Castle: Inside the Castle, you can visit several exhibitions although we only visited the State Rooms.

The Cathedral: Located inside the Wawel Royal Castle, there is no entrance fee so feel free to visit this cathedral.

Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci: This is the only Leonardo painting in Poland so make sure you don't miss it.

St. Mary's Basilica in Krakow: Make sure you don't miss the St. Mary's Altar, a monumental masterpiece carved by Veit Stoss. Taking pictures inside is extra and costs 5 Zloty.

Main Market Square: This is probably one of the liveliest squares I have visited with all the food stalls, restaurants, boys showing off their dance grooves and many more.

Krakow Cloth Hall: Located in the center of the Main Market Square, you can buy lots of local products here as well as souvenirs.

St. Mary's Tower: For the best view of the Main Market Square, be sure to climb the tower (There are lots of steps and there is no elevator). Here you can also witness the guard playing the trumpet every hour (St. Mary's Trumpet Call). Costs 15 Zloty.

Here is a video of the Main Market Square I took from the St. Mary's Tower.

Rynek Underground: Located just below the Main Market Square is this modern museum with lots of interesting things to see. A must when in Krakow. Costs 19 Zloty.

The Jewish Quarter: A visit to this side of Krakow is a must with all its synagogue, shops and restaurants.

Old Synagogue: This is one of the few synagogues you can visit in Krakow.

Izaak Synagogue: Another synagogue in the Kazimierz District of Krakow, this is a prayerhouse built in 1644.

Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria is a very beautiful church worth a visit when in the Kazimierz District.

Wieliczka Salt Mine: This is one thing you should not miss when in Krakow as it is one of a kind. I really loved the St. Kinga's Chapel inside as it was just so beautiful.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp: Located about an hour drive from Krakow, this concentration camp was witness to how people suffered and died during the Nazi occupation.

Savoring the local food: I had the Schabowy (breaded pork chop) on one occasion and it was pretty much like the Schnitzel from Austria.

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