Review: Business Lounge, Krakow Balice International Airport(KRK)

Business Lounge, Krakow International Airport

Date of visit: May 1, 2016

Location: Departures zone of passenger terminal, Level +1
Access: Business class passengers flying on airlines like KLM, Lufthansa, Alitalia, LOT; passengers with status on Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team plus 1 guest; holders of membership cards like Diners Club, Priority Pass, etc.
Opening hours: 4:30am to 10pm on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fridays; 4:30am to 9:30pm other days

Lounge Access info

Lounge opening hours


Lounge reception


Business Lounge seating

Business Lounge seating


Business Lounge buffet area

Another view of the buffet area

Cheese, coldcuts, jams

Sliced bread, pretzels

Caesar Salad from the fridge

Yogurt, milk

Traditional Sour Soup

Chips, chocolate bars, candies

Assortment of bread, cake

Alcoholic drinks, Spanish wine Vegaval Plata

Liquor, rum

Vodka, white wine, beers


Newspapers and magazines

1 of 2 Flight information screens

Toilet & Shower

Business Lounge, gentlemen's toilet

There is also a shower room inside the lounge and you have to ask for the key from the receptionist.


This is the only business class lounge at Krakow Airport which means all the premium passengers of the airlines operating here are using this lounge. The lounge itself is not very big and it actually got crowded a bit in the late afternoon during my visit. The food offering included soup, salad, cheese and bread among others while the alcoholic drinks included red and white wine, vodka and beer. It is not quite like the impressive food offering they have at Fantazja Executive Lounge at Warsaw Airport but good enough for a small airport. There is also complimentary wifi which was quite fast but power outlets near the seats were unfortunately lacking. As for the view, there is none as you can only see the wall surrounding the terminal. Lastly, the receptionist during my visit was very friendly as she allowed me to guest Mike even if we were flying on two different airlines. Maybe, they are not too strict about the rules after all. Overall, this is a basic lounge but could surely be better.

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