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Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro

Originally posted in November 4, 2014

First visit: October 2014
My Country #45

In October 2014, I was able to visit Brazil for the first time, together with our Singelresor group. We spent our first two days exploring the world's greatest waterfalls, the Iguazu Falls, before flying to Rio de Janeiro and staying there for four nights. Here are the highlights of our tour and which I would highly recommend to others when visiting this vibrant and captivating land.

Parque Nacional do Iguacú is the one thing you shouldn't miss when visiting Brazil as it is so beautiful, no wonder it is considered as the world's greatest waterfalls. The best view can be seen when you are on the Brazilian side although the one from the Argentinian side is never to be ignored.

Helicopter tour of the Iguazu Falls: In case visiting the park is not enough for you and you want to experience the falls at its best, then be sure to take the helicopter tour the way some from our group did.

Parque das Aves: If you love birds, I highly recommend visiting this park when you are in Foz do Iguaçu. Aside from the really beautiful macaws, they also have butterflies and hummingbirds inside the park.

Visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue in Corcovado is definitely the tour's highlight of all the visitors coming to Rio. There will always be long lines but once you get to the top, the feeling is just amazing. Of course, you get the spectacular view of the city as well.

Teleferico Pao de Azucar or better known as the Sugar loaf Mountain gives you breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro, about 398 above sea level. Don't miss the first cable cars on display.

The favelas or slums in Rio: I took this picture while on the bus so it was not that clear but this is how they look like.

Maracanã Stadium also known as Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho was opened in 1950 and was host (again) to the 2014 FIFA World Cup where the German football team emerged as the champions.

The Samba Drome is the venue of the Carnival Samba parade and of course, the better the view, the higher the price of the ticket would be. Our visit to Rio de Janeiro was actually four months prior to the Carnival celebrations but hopefully, I could witness it someday.

Catedral Metropolitana de Sao Sebastiao also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro with its interesting and modern Aztec design. Not to be missed when in Rio.

Sao Conrado Beach is not only a nice beach with white sand but is also perfect for those who are into hang-gliding. Above is a picture of a hang glider who just landed.

The Ipanema Beach: From the songs of Barry Manilow, I have learned of this beautiful beach. The design of the tiles is different from the ones you can see in the Copacabana beach.

The Copacabana Beach: The hotel where we stayed was actually located very close to this beach so we really had an enjoyable time here. The water was still cold though.

Watching a samba show: A visit to Rio will not be complete without seeing a samba show and you can enjoy it here at Plataforma.

Caipirinha: This is the national cocktail of Brazil which consists of cachaca, sugar and lime. I did not try it myself although those who did said it was more like the Cuban Mojito.

Churrascaria Palace: I have to say that this restaurant has the best barbecue in town set in a typical carioca house. The grilled items just kept on coming to our table that it came to a point that we had to say "No thank you" because we were already full.

Taking a public bus in Rio: If you wouldn't try it, then you wouldn't know just how "crazy" they drive here in Rio. As Michael said, it was more like being on a roller coaster ride 😉

Buffet a Quilo is a very popular and economic way of dining since you get your food from the buffet and you pay for your food according to its weight. We actually had our lunch here a couple of times and both times, the food was very good.

Eating rice and black beans: This is the most common food in Brazil. I remember seating in a restaurant and watching almost everybody order this for their lunch.

Visiting Sao Paolo: Actually this view was taken before landing at the Sao Paulo Airport on our way to Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit this ultramodern city, which is also the largest city in South America but I really hope to visit it next time I come to Brazil.

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