Review: Egypt Air Gienah Lounge, Terminal 3 Cairo Airport (CAI)

Egypt Air Gienah Lounge Cairo Airport, entrance

Date of visit: May 6, 2014

Location: 3rd floor, Concourse G
Access:  Star Alliance Diamond and Gold members + 1 guest; Business Class passengers flying on Egypt Air and other Star Alliance member airlines
Opening hours:  Daily, 24 hours


Egypt Air Gienah Lounge reception


Egypt Air Gienah Lounge seating

Egypt Air Gienah Lounge seating

Egypt Air Gienah Lounge, seating with 2 PCs to the right


Egypt Air Gienah Lounge, breakfast buffet featuring fruits, cereals, jams, muffins, croissants, biscuits, cheese and yogurt.


The Gienah Lounge is actually one of four Egypt Air's lounges at Cairo International Airport, the other three being Alioth Lounge, Almeisan Lounge and the smoking lounge Kochab Lounge.The Gienah Lounge is the only lounge located in Concourse G while all the other three lounges were in Concourse F. I thought that this lounge was okay although one might expect more from this lounge considering that this is Egypt Air's hub. The food on the buffet was okay for a breakfast meal and the staff were friendly. There are lots of small seating areas and the internet on the PC's were functioning but not very fast. The toilet was always kept clean but there were no shower rooms. Overall, a nice lounge to visit before your flight.