Review: Qatar Airways Business Class Airbus 380, Doha-Bangkok

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Qatar Airways Airbus A380-800 upon landing in Bangkok

Flight: QR836
Departure time in Doha: 1:55
Arrival time in Bangkok: 12:10
Equipment: Airbus A380
Flight duration: 6h 15m
Date of flight: March 23, 2015
Seat: 11A
*This is an award travel, Business class flight #76

After spending a few hours at the beautiful Al Mourjan Lounge, I headed to the boarding gate about an hour before departure. The Airbus 380 which arrived from Bangkok was delayed thus boarding at gate C12 did not start until 1:35. Nevertheless, boarding went smoothly as there was a separate boarding area for first and business class passengers.

I actually thought this seat, 10A was my seat so I took a picture of it. Not until the real "owner" of the seat came did I realize that my seat was the one behind it.

Qatar Airways Airbus 380 Business Class cabin is identical with the ones on their Boeing 787 and A350.

Upon settling in to my seat, I decided I'd have a look at the amenity kit. It was identical to the kit I got on the Frankfurt-Doha flight which featured Acqua di Gio aftershave balm, Acqua di Gio perfume, socks, eyeshades and earplugs.

Qatar Airways Airbus 380 business class cabin guide

Qatar Airways Airbus 380 "The Lounge" guide

After awhile, one of the flight attendants came to my seat and welcomed me on board. She took my drinks order and I thought I'd have a glass of rosé champagne and a glass of water. Newspapers were also offered but I declined. I was also asked if I needed some explanation of the seat functions but since it was the same as that on the A350, I politely told her that there was no need for that. I thought I would ask her if there was free wifi for business class passengers but I was told it was only complimentary for first class passengers. The captain also came on the PA and apologized for the delay informing us that it was due to the late arrival of the aircraft from Bangkok. Shortly after, my drinks were served together with a hot towel. I actually saw other passengers around me being served with nuts so I was not sure if it was to be ordered or the flight attendant forgot about it. The cabin was actually 70% full and it could have affected the service since I thought the flight attendants were a bit hurrying and stressed.

Qatar Airways Business Class menu and Wine and Beverage menu

Qatar Airways A la Carte Menu

Qatar Airways A la Carte Menu

Qatar Airways A la Carte Menu

Qatar Airways Beverage Menu

Qatar Airways White Champagne (Billecart-Salmon) and Rosé Champagne (Taittinger)

Qatar Airways Wine selection

Qatar Airways wine selection

Qatar Airways wine selection

Qatar Airways wine selection

Qatar Airways Airbus 380 business class seat controls

Qatar Airways A380 business class mattress pad

Qatar Airways A380 business class window shades although not quite as nice as the ones on the A350 which have auto mechanical shades.

Qatar Airways A380 business class duvet

Qatar Airways A380 business class personal Panasonic screen

Qatar Airways A380 business class headphones and entertainment controls

I was also offered a pajama since it was a night flight. The only problem was that I didn't open it and just found out it was Exra Large when I arrived in Japan. I'm only about 1.71m tall so I don't really think I should have been given a pajama other than the medium size. Still, it was partly my fault because I didn't check it.

 I was really curious about the on-board bar so I decided to check it out. First impression, very nice and elegant.

Qatar Airways A380 business and first class lounge area

Qatar Airways A380 business and first class on-board bar

The snacks consisted of olives and different kind of nuts. Although the lounge and bar was really nice and worth spending your time at, I thought most passengers would be really tired and would opt to sleep considering that it is about 2 in the morning.

Qatar Airways A380 business class lavatory

Qatar Airways business class lavatory

Qatar Airways A380 business class lavatory with beautiful roses and skin care products by Rituals.

I took one last shot of the business class cabin before returning to my seat just in time for the meal service.

Scallops poached in lemon grass and saffron with coriander and mint sauce, mango juice

Qatar Airways A380 business class table set up with bread and butter, water and mango juice

Smoked tuna salad, sour cream with sumac and red onion rings

Egg drop soup, silken tofu, chives and black mushroom

Braised beef in lemon grass sauce, steamed rice with carrots and peas, steamed broccolli, grilled bell peppers ans shiitake mushrooms

Cheese selection served with crackers, grapes and chutney

I have to say that the soup was actually very good although the main course was not so hot and that the vegetables were cold. I thought I would skip the dessert so I ordered a cup of green tea which was served with Godiva chocolates.

After watching a bit of the "Hunger Games", I thought it was time to sleep but since I could not find any flight attendant who could help me with the turndown service, and that I was feeling lazy doing it myself, I went to sleep without the mattress pad. Interestingly, I did not see any passengers using the mattress pad while they were sleeping so apparently, turn down service is not being offered and that the passengers were just as lazy as me in preparing their own bed. I woke up about an hour before landing and I was asked if I wanted some tea or coffee. I ordered a cup of green tea which was served with some cookies. Of course, there was also the full breakfast service for those who want it.

View from my window seat.

Qatar Airways A380 business class footrest

View of the business class cabin from my seat

Qatar Airways A380 business class reading lamp and magazine rack.

Qatar Airways A380 business class air vents and overhead lamps.

We landed at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport around 12:15, and as usual, I was one of the first passengers to disembark.


It was my first time flying on Qatar Airways A380 and I have to say that the best thing about this flight was seeing the beautiful on-board bar. It looked very elegant and chic. Unfortunately, this being a night flight would mean that most passengers would go to sleep, thus not making full use of the bar. I thought the food was okay except for my main course which was not so warm and that the "steamed broccoli" was cold. The turndown service not being offered was not a very positive thing either. Lastly, the extra large pajamas given to me was ... I don't know what to say. Luckily, I can always give it to my partner Mike who has that size. Overall, a nice flight.