Review: Qatar Airways B777 Business Class, Kuala Lumpur-Doha

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Qatar Airways logo

Flight: QR 845
Departure time in Kuala Lumpur (KUL): 9:25
Arrival time in Doha (DOH): 12:10
Equipment: Boeing 777-300
Seat: 2K then moved to 1F
Duration: 7h 45m
Date of flight: February 15, 2015
*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #70

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport around 7:30am, two hours before departure. I've reviewed the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge in the past so I thought arriving 2 hours prior to departure was enough.

Check-in, Desk K10

The business class check in was at K10 but since I already had my mobile boarding pass, I decided to skip the formal check in and go straight to the Golden Lounge.

Boarding, Gate C1

Boarding started about an hour before departure at gate C1, the reason for that being that they have security control at the gate. I headed to the gate a bit later and saw a long queue ahead of me. Fortunately, it went faster than I thought it would.


Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha main business class cabin

This aircraft has 24 seats in the main business class cabin and 18 seats on the smaller one, both with a 2-2-2 configuration. On this flight, there were a total of 13 seats occupied (all in the main cabin) plus a cute baby 😉


My seat was originally 2K which was a window.

Personal screen on 2K, Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha seat 2K screen and storage

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha seat controls

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha business class blanket

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha amenity kit consisting of Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio after shave balm (75ml), perfume (5ml), Rituals lip balm, socks, eye shades and ear plugs.

As soon as I was seated, a very nice flight attendant from South Korea came and took my predeparture beverage order. I chose a glass of champagne which was served promptly, followed by a hot towel. Newspapers were also offered but I declined.

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha business class cabin

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha inflight magazines

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha Oryx entertainment magazine and headphone


Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha menu and wine list in a leather folder

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha menu

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha menu

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha beverage menu

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha champagne list

Palate Pleaser
Chicken satay, peanut sauce, red onion and cucumber skewer

By this time, I had already transferred to seat 1F to make it easier for the flight attendant to serve the meal since the guy from Chicago seating in 2K decided to skip the meal and go straight for a rest instead. My satay, which was served with a glass of mango juice tasted very good.

Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha table setting

Sesame crusted prawn,noodle salad, pickled cucumber and sour plum sauce

I decided to skip the soup (Asian Vegetable Broth) and go straight for the appetizer which was very  good. The other choice was the Classic Arabic Mezze.

For my main course, I chose the Grilled Fillet of Beef with thyme jus which was really good. The other choices were Mascarpone ravioli with creamy sweet corn and chili sauce or Nasi Lemak.

Then it was time for dessert: I chose Gourmet ice cream which was served with a cup of green tea. The other choices were Selection of seasonal fresh fruits or Mango cheesecake.

Everything from the appetizer to dessert tasted very good. As for the finale, we were given Godiva chocolates and a bottle of Vittel mineral water. I decided to watch Fury starring Brad Pitt and then later took a nap.

Steak sandwich in panini bread

About 3 hours before landing, I woke up and decided to watch some more films. One of the flight attendants asked me if I wanted to drink something and I ordered a glass of mango juice and the steak sandwich from their light options menu. The other choices were Grilled fillet of grouper with asam sauce or assortment of hot savouries or selection of indulgent individual desserts.

Then, I decided I'd order some fresh fruits as well before landing.

After my meal, I went to the back of the main cabin to take pictures of their magazine rack. I also had a chance to chat with the South Korean flight attendant who informed me that they actually have different crew for their Dreamliner, Boeing 777, etc. Well, I guess it's because they wanted to make sure that the crew are familiar with the aircraft thus making the service more efficient.


Qatar Airways Business Class Kuala Lumpur-Doha lavatory amenities consisting of Infinity hand lotion and Yin body mist by Rituals, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Landing at Hamad Internatinal Airport

We arrived at the Hamad International Airport on time and I have to say that I just couldn't wait to see the Al Mourjan Business Lounge which Qatar Airways is very proud of.


It has been awhile since I last flew on Qatar Airways in business class. The last time was actually when they changed the aircraft from a Dreamliner to an Airbus 332 from Doha to Stockholm in October 2013 which was one of the unluckiest days of my life as a frequent traveler. Up to now, I still haven't flown on any Dreamliner for that matter although I have one booked on Japan Airlines in a few weeks. I have to say I missed Qatar Airways. They used to be my favorite and I think that they still have one of the best business class product and service in the industry. The service was impeccable and at the same time friendly. The food was very good and the amenity kit was one of my favorites. To all the crew of Qatar Airways on this flight, Shukran 😍