Top Attractions in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan flag

First visit: December 2014
My Country #47

Last month, I was able to visit Nicaragua together with the Singelresor group. We first visited the colonial town of Granada and then made a day tour to the capital Managua. Here are some of the places we visited during our trip.

Catedral de la Granada is the most beautiful church in Granada.

Iglesia de la Merced offers a great view of the town of Granada from the belltower.

Iglesia di San Francisco is considered as one of the oldest churches in Central America.

Convento y Museo San Francisco

Iglesia Guadeloupe

Granada Municipal Hall

When in Nicaragua, try their Nicaraguan breakfast, gallopinto: a traditional dish both in Costa Rica and here, made of rice and beans.

Masaya Volcano National Park is a must visit when travelling in Nicaragua. Caution: this is an active volcano.

A huge Christmas tree right in the heart of Plaza de la Revolucion in Managua.

National Palace in Managua

Casa Presidencial or La Casa de los Pueblos

Catedral de Santiago was heavily damaged by an earthquake which makes it impossible to be reconstructed.

The new Cathedral which has a very strange design.

Apoyo Lagoon National Reserve is one of the most beautiful lagoons I've ever seen.

Tuktuk, Nicaraguan style

Local buses in Nicaragua