Exploring Madrid, Spain

Palacio Real De Madrid

A few weeks ago, I was in Madrid for the second time since 2015. The first time I was here, I only had a few hours to see the city so I was not even able to enter the Palacio Real De Madrid nor the Cathedral. This time, I (still) had only a few hours to visit the city but it was enough to see the essentials. I know I have to be back to this Spanish capital city in the future and stay a little longer since there's just so much more to see here. In case you are planning to visit Madrid in the future, here are some of the attractions I visited which might help you building your own itinerary 😉


Palacio Real De Madrid: Entrance fee is 11 EUR but there are days when admission is free although it was like from 4pm to 6pm if I'm not mistaken which is still good timings in my opinion. Taking pictures is not allowed so this staircase ceiling fresco is the best I could post 😉

Catedral de Nuestra Sra. de la Almudena

Inside the Catedral de Nuestra Sra. de la Almudena

Plaza Mayor: During my visit, they had some sort of festivity so I didn't stay that long.

Teatro Real (Royal Theater)

Plaza de Isabel II

Royal House of the Post Office

Puerta del Sol

Consejeria de Medio Ambiente

Plaza de Oriente

Calle Mayor: Lots of souvenir shops, restaurants, etc.

Real Monasterio de la Encarnacion

Casa de La Villa. City of Madrid

Jardines del Cabo Noval