Review: SAS Plus, Prague-Stockholm

New Year's Trip to Lisbon & Prague

This trip included traveling to Lisbon together with the Singelresor Group to celebrate New Year; spending a night in Stockholm; and then flying to Prague where I stayed for two nights. I did not make any flight review flying in TAP economy class although I have included reviews of the lounges I was able to visit during this trip.

SAS Gold Lounge, Stockholm Arlanda Airport
SANA Malhoa Hotel, Lisbon
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Lounge ANA, Lisbon Airport
Hilton Stockholm Slussen
Hilton Prague
Hilton Prague Old Town
Top Attractions in Czech Republic
Erste Premier Lounge, Prague Airport
SAS Plus, Prague to Stockholm

SAS Business Class, Prague-Stockholm

Flight: SK 1768
Departure time in Prague (PRG): 14:05
Arrival time in Stockholm (ARN): 15:55
Equipment: Boeing 737-600
Seat: 1D
Duration: 1h 50m
Date of flight: January 6, 2016
*Upgraded to Business Class due to Star Alliance Gold status, Business Class flight #99

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague

It was my first time to depart from Vaclav Havel Airport so I made sure I'd arrive about 3 hours before departure so I could have enough time to review their business class lounge. I was actually impressed when I entered the terminal because it was modern and spacious.


There was a long queue at the SAS check-in counters although there was another desk on the left for baggage drop. Luckily, I only had my rollaboard and I've already checked in the day before using the SAS app so I went directly to the security control.

Erste Premier Lounge

After clearing the security, I headed to the Erste Premier Lounge where I had a very nice lunch.

At 13:22, I received an sms from SAS informing me that our flight was 15 minutes delayed. I checked the departures information screen and saw that the delay was not shown yet. I waited in the lounge until it was 13:45 and then slowly made my way to the departure gate.

Boarding started a few minutes past 2 pm in gate C11 and after showing my boarding pass to one of the staff, I was told to wait as she checked my boarding pass and passport. I did not know what was going on until she handed me a new boarding pass and told me that I had been upgraded to business class since I have Star Alliance Gold status. Cool! The flight was actually full so I guess I got lucky.


My seat 1D

SAS Business Class seat

Pretty spacious legroom

SAS safety instructions card and inflight magazines

SAS inflight magazine, Scandinavian Traveler

SAS The Store duty free magazine and SAS barf bag

View before taxi

SAS Business Class curtain

A few minutes after the seatbelt sign was turned off, one of the flight attendants came to offer us some hot towels.


SAS Business Class menu card

The meal consisted of:

Poached salmon with dill
Roasted potatoes
Pickled cucumber and dill cream

For drinks, I settled for a glass of apple juice.

The meal ended with an Anthon Berg chocolate!

Lavatory & Toilet

SAS lavatory

The mirror actually reminded me of the Hollywood style mirror on Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class.

The weather was a bit turbulent but nevertheless, we landed at Stockholm Arlanda Airport around 16:05, about 10 minutes behind schedule.

Arrival in Stockholm


Having flown in SAS business class a few months ago from Warsaw, I thought this flight was just as great. The food on board tasted great and both the flight attendants were very friendly. I also got lucky because only 5 of the 9 seats were occupied in the business class cabin so there were a lot of empty seats. Otherwise, it would have been just like seating in the economy cabin since SAS business class (which they call SAS Plus) does not block the middle seat. Eventhough the flight was delayed, the flight was overall a nice one. To all the crew on this flight and to SAS for upgrading me, "Tack så mycket!"